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About Us

Hispaco acts as importer, exclusive agent and distributor of a number of internationally renowned brand names among which are Lotto, the Italian sportswear label, Abanderado, the Spanish underwear for men which enjoys the largest market share in Lebanon among imported brands, SARAR, the international Haute Couture and fashion designer to name but a few.

Our History
Hispaco was started in 1969 by Mr. Chaker Mardini. Today it is a limited liability company owned by Mr. Mardini, his wife, and their three sons. Its name stands for the Hispano Arab Clothing Company. It started by importing underwear from Spain: Abanderado for men, Princesa for woman, Ocean also for men. 

During the Lebanese civil war, while many companies were discouraged out of business by the threatening political and economic conditions, Hispaco turned the situation to its favor by grasping the opportunity of the absence of what at the time were leading brands to aggressively launch its products into the Lebanese underwear market. After long years of concentrating its effort on the underwear business, Hispaco has outdone rival companies in this area. Hispaco's products score high in terms of turnover rate; Abanderado the company's major product line is the number one selling brand among imported men's underwear and enjoys 36% of the entire Lebanese market.
Hispaco has come a long way since 1969. It has gained valuable expertise, goodwill & experience. It has not only survived the most difficult times, but it has also bypassed them to make it to the top by diversifying its business into sportswear and fashion clothing by acquiring the representation of respectively Lotto, Sergio Tacchini & SARAR.
Mission & Values

During the last 8 years Hispaco has concentrated its business in the domain of sports. Lotto the Italian sports brand, leader in more than 100 countries worldwide in the production and distribution of clothing and footwear was the main focus of the company's diversification in the Lebanese sports market. The management wanted to recreate the brand's success in Italy and was successful as Lotto became synonym of fashion trendy and comfortable casual wear to spend your free time sporting truly in a unique Italian style.
Following the management's dedication to sports, Hispaco has recently acquired the exclusive distribution of Yonex, the leading tennis and badminton brand in the world.

The know-how: Since 1965, Hispaco has acquired many years of experience and is considered today as one of the most prestigious companies in Lebanon. Its expertise has been developed through the years by which it has benefited from the different aspects of the market changes to form a coherent, stable and projected view to the market needs.